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Promo For Visions -Yenner

If you haven’t heard tracks already released then check below for information on first listens before the full 11 track Album Visions debuts .

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Welcome to this months season of The Yenner does music with phased track releases to forget all your worries and troubles of the world.

So stick your headphones on, immerse yourself in expression and creativity and imagine a yen place with these vibes to get you started.

This page will updated with every release.

1. “Jungle Juice”

Single cover – by the Yenner

For this first track I wanted to create something that brought me back to clubbing. Now that I’m in my 30s it’s more of a past time these days, but that doesn’t mean you should lose the urge to dance like nobody’s watching sometimes.

It’s elements are grounded in house music as this was my music of choice. Throughout the releases for this month it could be a theme. Finding your Yen isn’t all about the lo-fi or synth wave aesthetics covering the socials these days. It’s more to do with whatever mood your in and feels you immerse yourself amongst.

At this particular time the world is a tormentor, televisions a mess and news is all but confusing and disorientating.

So I resort to a feeling of euphoria, a younger me who once graced the foggy dance floor of what seemed like a simpler life.

So here’s your taste of club 😎

2. YennerZone

Single art – by the Yenner

Sticking to our club theme this is another banger with all the elements you need to create your “party city” atmosphere wether it be in your bedroom doodling , doing the housework or just vining around the house.

Resort to a good time in lockdown and spread the Yen.

With elements of deep house , vibrating bass and pulsing adrenaline sounds this is definitly one for the Friday feeling .

Go check it out and follow comment and share 🎧

3.The Small Stuff

For this track I wanted a clubbing vibe of the 80s with the gay undertones to match , it’s definitly a vibe to get you pumped and also one that is funky and suiting to today’s funk pop showcased by the types of The weekend or Bruno Mars .

4.The Search

The Search delves off the music dance scene and into the more early A.M music comfort zone with lo-fi beats and gritty echoes to relax and chill in the winter months ahead. I particularly favourite this one because it’s not something I’m used to experimenting with but I do think it beings that yen feeling we all try to achieve with art and expression


Visions is a melancholic track made to smooth the mind over coming into the later season of 2020 it’s definitely a good track to press play on when painting or designing it helps you focus and clear your mind especially given this years events . Check it out on the links below


Crashed is a piece close to my heart as it symbolizes every night, late sleep insomnia and obsession with phone and technology until you black out with tiredness . I wanted to create a sound that both is good to the ear and also gives you that groggy sense of laziness you can check it out on SoundCloud


Like every other millennial it has to be said that the cool classic content of a Los Angeles reality show has all the chill music and lofi vibes needed to make you think of summer and palm tree breezes. So with that in mind this track I hope embodies just that so check it out and share the love

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