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Crashed Featuring Mirandaclare: OUT NOW!!

First Collaboration featuring Mirandaclare
Go get CRASHED!!!

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Into the Abyss : 9 A.M the Underdog

A Stand out Artist and a Breath of Fresh air. Check out this review of Rapper,lyricist and Singer and add them to your collection of Pros

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Lost (失われた) is Found!

The new track by YENNER is here and it’s finally on release on all available platforms ! Mixed with the world traditional Japanese instrumentals and mixed with the unique beats and bass of Yenner this track is one to send your melancholy on a roller coaster. I was inspired to

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‘So Far’ – YENNER (released today!)

2021 had arrived and the new track from YENNER Is here to start you off . Go check it out support , follow and stream and share the ‘yen’ Here are all the links needed 😉

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New Track drops 17.01.21
Don’t miss it !!
Check out YENNER on spotify

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