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Anniversary of Yen

It’s Been a WHOLE year guys!!
Comeback and revisit the journey of yen with me 😎

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Crashed Featuring Mirandaclare: OUT NOW!!

First Collaboration featuring Mirandaclare
Go get CRASHED!!!

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Diabology – Defy ! create and THRASH!

What’s Thrash? Diabology will tell you check them out .

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Notora – Silverscreen

They’re back for Christmas and New Year with their next epic rock anthem ‘Silverscreen’ – read our review and go check it out / Releases 11:12:20 Spotify and all music platforms.

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Darling Coils – WINTER album

Want to glitch out and create listen to Darling Coils new album and feel your Inner Yenner!

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Digital Resistance – Oligarchical Collectivism

Establishment needs a wake up call with this music on the scene check it out !!

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