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Anniversary of Yen

It’s Been a WHOLE year guys!!
Comeback and revisit the journey of yen with me 😎

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Limited or prohibited

Hello Yenners, it’s been a while. As you may have seen or heard there have been other projects in the pipeline over the past couple of months which have put my blogs at a standstill. However I will not apologise for this. It is important to those who are creative

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That’s Christmas to you sir !

Christmas or Holidays ? What’s your preference ?

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A repetitive race can diminish hope if there seems like there is no end . So what is the answer ?

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So I thought I’d take a beat from all the music , edits and social antics we all strive to in order to boost profile and spread our opinions and thoughts. Today was a little different for myself, I found myself staring at the walls and wondering what the point

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What you don’t know…can Infact hurt you.

A food for thought moment with the Yenner , if you don’t know it won’t hurt you….or will it ?

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