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Anniversary of Yen

It’s Been a WHOLE year guys!!
Comeback and revisit the journey of yen with me 😎

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Straight out of Stratland!

Start 2021 off right with this Comeback artist of the year Stratland !

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Get ready for the chill down summer vibes with this new album set to release from HNY WLSN

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VHS changed the game.

There was nothing better than being able to take a trip to your local video store and browse endless catalogues of nostalgic glory. There was always a certain atmosphere that gives me the goosebumps now. The hangout pit stop,new releases to grab in a frenzy so you could brag to

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“A horse with no name.”

What is it about the Desert that has some type of longing whistful place in our souls? It’s a strange thing, I myself am from a country where they don’t exist. Northern Ireland isn’t exactly wasteland territory although we do have lots of green for as far as the eye

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