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Anniversary of Yen

It’s Been a WHOLE year guys!!
Comeback and revisit the journey of yen with me 😎

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So I thought I’d take a beat from all the music , edits and social antics we all strive to in order to boost profile and spread our opinions and thoughts. Today was a little different for myself, I found myself staring at the walls and wondering what the point

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Progress & No stress (final blog to ‘Becoming 30’ series.

This is the end to my ‘Becoming 30’ so here is my final thoughts and sum up of my work so far enjoy Yenners. Feel it. Feed it.

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Turns out ‘dirty 30s’….not so dirty.

11 Steps that you’ll discover entering your 30s, you’ll not regret giving this a read

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Mundane to Insane: the story of Jonah Peretti (Becoming 30 series)

This is a story about staying curious and seizing every Opportunity that comes when the moment arises.

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