Custom Album Artwork ’21’

Jan ‘21’ FREE custom Album covers

INSIDE OUT – Ben Benedikt

This artist requested an indie and yet playful theme for his latest single ‘Inside out’ thsi was our first demo before settling on a diffrent heart which blended more pleasingly .

Black Waters – Coverart
Black Waters -album cover

inspired by french cover art and noir grime overlaps


Indie, custom created vinyl cover.


when reviewing artists work and profile i will provide artwork with no extra cost and for this artist i took their overall aesthtic and genre and applied it to the cover aswell as keeping it contemporary for example: here i used N.a.s 90’s alternative for the artists as it was his inpiration in music.


fantasy /dystopian modern indie cover.


early 00’s Rnb cover aesthetic


Modern, flashy coverart for the more up-todate-artist in 2021

Winter -album art

up close


YENNER 30′ Visions

Coming into a new world and phase of Expression , means bringing with it an entire new fleet of design ideas and projects. Yenner 30’Visions is a reflection of my current status in music and design. The Yenner album ‘VISIONS’ is a compilation of all types of genres and soundscapes and i wanted the artwork to also reflect this. From retro to sharp and sleek references to album covers.

It is important at this period in time to create a safe clean space for creation and i wanted to design simplistic yet stabd alone projects that disply both intention and mood. from sex to waves , Cyber to geometrics all sleek and suttle yet packing a punch visualy. Its the start of a whole new package from the YENNER focusing entirely on Visual and Sound. I hope to delve further into this type of Abstract expressionism and to stamp my own unique print on the Design and Music World.

GRAIN – 10.01.21

It was important for me to get to grips with what makes a real authentic Cover for a musicians album. Does it capture what you want to convey and does it also keep up to date with current aethetics you find in a record store or online.

It was challenging at first but after researching and just experimentation i was able to define these pieces of Demo artwork including my first Back cover for an LP record.

I called it Grain as it was a main feature I tend to vibe towards beacuse it gives texture and feel to display message and nostalgia or Yen.


i decided to do more contemporary and sharper image edits for these covers including pop colours and some lo-fi feels to a few. i try to bledn all genres in my work and vary themes depending on title given .

A throwback to the more personable album covers , my favourite aesthetic are those that focus on different elements of person in a picture overlayed with texture and simplistic titles .

contrasts in object and colour is definitly something most artists look for when wanting a cover to grab attention and for this collection i focused on subject then surroundings that complimented their persona.

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