Cecil Hotel Horror Story – AHS (the real deal)- by Yenner

Happy Hallows Eve Yenners and welcome to the Yenner horror story blog, The finale to my Halloween edits this month.

For these posts I’m focusing on what inspired me to create these edits and designs focusing on The American Horror story saga. Each one will be derived from real life stories that helped the Director Ryan Murphy create the macabre masterpiece series we know today.

So on this lockdown Halloween,sit back grab some popcorn and enjoy your delightful reading of some of thee most terrifying real life events that have inspired American Horror Story…enjoy!(mwahahaha)


Hotel Cecil – inspired Hotel series.

Hotel Cecil Laos Angela’s

One of their most elaborate creations of the AHS series is hotel Cortez and its gruesome plot lines with Lady Ga Ga as the host with the most. However the inspirations and ideas that were fused among the plots were from actual events based on a Hotel in Los Angeles called The Cecil Hotel. Known as one of the most haunted hotels in America. And here is why…

Hosting 700 bedrooms and once highlighted as a debutante high class hotel The Cecil was built in 1924 towering over the streets. It’s interiors of the time decked with high ceilings, plush velvet furnishings and rich decor. It was regarded as one of the top tourist spots during the 20’s. However this all changed on a dime entering the following decade.

In the 1930’s the Great Depression hit the United States, thus forcing everyone one into dire straits. Creating less work and destitute society. Los Angeles was the hardest hit and The Cecil slowly grew into decline. Not only struggling to stay afloat it forced its doors to open to clientele who were either poor or on their last two cents. As a result over the next two decades it would be home to some of the scariest and terrifying incidents yet.

The Cecil Hotel 1920,s

Known at this point as the ‘budget hotel’ , traveling salesmen’s and drifters would find themselves at a loss in this establishment which inevitably ended in suicides by the droves this list will chill you to the bone.

  • 1931 – W.K Norton – business man was found after overdosing on pills
  • 1932-Benjamin aged 25 yrs died from shooting himself in the head .
  • 1934-Louis.D.Borden a 53 year old Medical sergeant cut his own throat with a razor leaving a note which stated he was in poor health.
  • 1937- Grace E.Margo jumped from a 9th story window landing on a 65 year old man called George Gianni. both died instantly!
  • 1938- Fireman Roy Thompson 35 years old jumped from the top floor window landing on an adjacent skylight on another building and was thought to have been staying at the Cecil for 7 weeks.
  • 1939- Navy officer Erwin Neblett 39 diegested posion inside their room
  • 1940 -Dorothy Sceiger was a teacher aged 45 and also ingested poison.
  • 1944- Dorothy Jean Purcell(which we will delve into later in the blog) murdered her own child at The Cecil Hotel
  • 1947- Robert Smith aged 35 jumped from the 7th floor.
  • 1947- the same year The ‘Black Dahlia’ murder occurred and she was thought to have been staying at The Cecil Hotel.

So how could all these suicides take place?…your guess is as good as mine, but by this stage the hotel had become so desolate that people generally forgot about it and those who stayed there took it as face value as a dirty , seedy and desperate place to stay or in fact live.

A couple of stories from this period however are spine chilling.

The case of Dorothy Jean Purcell was one of heartbreak and yet terrifying circumstances. She had arrived with her Fiancé and both decided to stay at The Cecil hotel as they had little money and she was due to give birth to their baby. Having suffered multiple miscarriages their expectations were low. So when it came to her giving birth in the bathroom while her fiancé slept in the other room the 19 year old found herself staring at her child and assuming the baby boy was dead. To bare her partner from anymore despair she threw the new born child out of the window where it landed below on top of the roof of the neighbour of building. It was later found by employees of that building and a murder trail began. It was believed the child was actually alive during birth and that Dorothy in fact suffered from schizophrenia which drove her to kill her own child.

Another chilling story is that of the ‘Black Dahlia’ murder this murder occurred streets away from the hotel itself and the victim Elizabeth Short was found cut in half by the torso along with slash marks of her mouth to her ears. Naked and horrifically mutilated the police couldn’t distinctly tell who she was which was why the name of black dahlia was introduced. They also found evidence leading them to believe that she was staying within the Cecil Hotel and that could have been were the perpetrator of the crime could have been stalking her.

Elizabeth short a.k.a ‘The Black Dahlia’

For those who want to shed more light on the murder of Elizabeth here is a link…


The Cecil Hotel 1980s

Now that could be where the horror stories of Hotel Cecil end . But they don’t here is another list that followed on through another 4 decades!

  • 1954- Helen Gurnee aged 55, jumped from 7th Floor window but registered at the hotel under a different alias.
  • 1962- Julia Frances Moore aged 50, jumped from 8th floor
  • 1975- unknown 23 year old female found in a alleyway behind the Cecil hotel she jumped from the 12th floor and also registered under a different alias
  • 1976- Jeffery Thomas Paley 26 years old and mental patient from Oakland climbed to the roof of the building armed with a rifle and shot at passers by below.

It would seem that not only was the successful attempts at suicide overwhelming but by this time The Cecil hotel was growing something dark. Was it it’s reputation as a go to place for death why all these people chose to end their lives there or was it something more sinister.

I recall watching my go to junk tv show Ghost adventures where they investigated this hotel and to them it seemed far too coincidental for all these people to commit similar acts and drift into chaos without a haunting being the cause. The shear depression thick in the air from death and distraught tension would surely start to deepen into the minds of the living from the lost souls. Either way it’s something to think about I guess.

Not only does this incredible death toll follow but it has also been home to some significant serial killers from 1984-85 .Richard Ramirez being one of them.

Otherwise known as Nightstalker , Ramirez killed countless females and not only returned to the hotel after doing so but returned without his clothing and covered in blood. These were claims from the settlers inside the Cecil who claimed, “they’d seen it all and wasn’t uncommon.” (Now there’s a sentence that would make your skin crawl)

He would dispose of his clothing in the dumpsters outside before returning to his room to clean off the evidence.

Ramirez a.k.a ‘night stalker’ photo 2007

Another predator known by the name of Johann Unterwegger stayed at The Cecil hotel in 1991. He claimed to be a crime novelist from the Netherlands and was believed by many even as far as to join police on patrol to see places victims would be taken. Of course this was all a cover for his true crimes as he had already killed 7 prostitutes back home and claimed more once settled in Los Angeles.

Other deaths of a violent nature occurred around the same time where a well known lady nicknamed ‘The Pigeon Lady’ but her real name was Goldie Osgood. She was found in one of the rooms Raped , stabbed and robbed with nothing but her bag of birdseed which she would use in the streets. What was so unique about this murder was that they never found the killer and she was old in age.

Goldie Osgood a.k.a Pigeon Lady

Now you can breath a huge relief because nothing has happened since …..Wrong!!

Ever heard of Elisa Lam? …

Elisa Lam look familiar?

Well if you have it’s probably because in 2013 footage was released across social media of a girl seemingly distressed running into an elevator at a hotel and trying to escape whoever or whatever she was running from. (Elevator and investigation Youtube video)

Well what happens next would be a full investigation and search as to her whereabouts , You can find out what happens in the new docu series on NETFLIX ( I’ll not spoil it for you)

Now come on surely it ends , surely this is all over. The hotels has since closed or the police have decommissioned the building right? Nope … in 2015 another male 28 years old jumped to his death in a suicide attempt.

So there you have it… wow I thought the tv show had a long list but it’s very clear and also super creepy that this has all taken place inside one Hotel which still runs today.

It’s been 5 years since the last death was recorded so who knows what will take place from now it is 2020 after all . All I know is that I wouldn’t step foot near it if I value my life or sanity. Or if your into that kind of Terror tourism then make The Cecil Hotel your number one spot to visit and stay. Just makesure you don’t become it’s next victim.

Thanks for reading Yenner

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  1. Retirestyle Travel says:

    That is a spooky hotel with too many horrible and haunting events. Good article (especially at Halloween).


    • Yenner says:

      Thanks , I always think the most terrifying things are in real life more so than fiction I’m glad you enjoyed it Happy Halloween


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