That’s Christmas to you sir !

You got that

Well another month has been and gone and we have found ourselves on the precipice of The Christmas season…yes that’s Christmas …not a Holiday season.

Oooo controversial in these cancel culture times I’m sure but none the less that is it’s title.

Regardless of what religious background you partake or views on titles etc I feel that this year given all that has taken place in regards to lies , fake news and vortex’s of vagueness. I think it’s time we stop bullshitting ourselves and others.

We have essentially taken our own freedoms away wether it be our rights to free speech or opinions or in fact traditional values.

Today’s society especially the younger generations think that by simply ignoring or cancelling an issue or something that unsettles them , that it solves their problems. (Haha how cute) when in fact it’s quiet the opposite.

In order to grow as human beings we have to be unsettled and constantly evolving through differences,harsh critics and opposite views , values and religions. We, as a people’s have to coincide with one another this includes , inclusiveness. Now although we have a culture that seems to spread this message. In short it’s a lie , constantly contradictory in every turn and their ‘inclusiveness’ only comes if you fit their mold of what it means to be a ‘good person’.

How does this relate to the ‘Christmas’ title well it’s simple really , because the term ‘Christ’ is in the title and it originated from the Christian faith many who do not follow that religion or in fact are atheists in their own right believe that using the word for this season is both offensive and less inclusive. This in turn led to what many people call the ‘Holiday’ season. Of course this is also true as it’s the one time of the year many people get to relax take time off and spend with their loved ones so the term holiday makes total sense.

However replacing what the entire holiday is based on in origin in order to make everyone feel calm, destructs the entire basis of the season and in turn, through time every other religious holiday including Hanukkah, Easter , Ramadan etc.

Are they also ‘Holiday season’ ?

Now we all know the birth of Christ is what formed this occasion and many ,however annoyed they are at this reason for the holiday, still take time to celebrate it for their own needs.

But the message of love and new life is really what’s celebrated throughout. Although the title causes controversy over ‘Christ’ .

When you think about it in lament terms it’s idiotic …all because of a name, so we change it , stick commercialism and Santa at the forefront and vandalize the whole thing so future generations have a distortion on what it means to celebrate the holiday.

Me, me , me and gifts and selfies and lack of surroundings and education because their moral compass is based on self worth above all else and inclusion only if it meets their standards.

I am not only having a rant but speaking from experience , you really have to battle through trauma to come through the other side. You have to come against persecution and hate in order to grow , communicate and have compassion.

Regardless of this months celebrations we should apply this knowledge to everything we do. During the pandemic this can also be applied, as mass hysteria led to confusion, no faith in man and essentially questioning every single word , action and news cycle possible.

If…and just bare with me on this…If we all just realised we are not Kanye west or Kim kardashian for a moment. That Beyoncé and Jay-z are human like the rest of us and that our backgrounds don’t create boundaries with others. Realise that opposite views and religions are their right just as much as it is yours to complain about. Then perspective is all that should be learnt from this.

We will all be in the same box by the end…(sorry too real?) so stop telling others what’s right and wrong …you just don’t know. Even as I form my own opinion about this subject, I am aware that that’s all it is an opinion, you can take it or leave it…I don’t care.

I recently found whilst promoting through socials and the likes, a comedian called Jayde Adams who although I don’t know her personal opinions on this subject matter, her stance on today’s world and how we contradict and develop into hypocrites in a hysterical way , brought a certain relief to me. Yes! Finally a person not taking bollocks or smoothing over hypocrisy in today’s society.

As I sat down to type today’s blog about Christmas I wondered what the topic would be and it was difficult to subject myself to Santa and holiday cheer when really we are at a junction of losing ourselves as human beings. After all we proceeded every other species on earth. I don’t think we would have gotten this far in the first place without surviving hardship , trails and survival. We have everything and probably more than we should in today’s world with increasing knowledge , skills and wealth beyond control.

Let’s not forget we are individuals and it was an individual who created a rolling stone and spear and not because someone told them to.

During this Christmas season let’s inspire people. Let’s share our experiences without judgement. Let’s celebrate the Christian holiday regardless of our thoughts on where it came from because like all religious markings the message is about coming together and finding our common bonds and realising we are one and the same a skeleton with muscles and blood and minds. Uniquely built but on the same foundations.

So this is my ‘yen’ message to you for Christmas this December and I hope it’s received with good intentions. I will continue to create artwork , review content of other talented and hopeful people alike aswell as venture into the music sphere in order to keep Spreading the ‘yen’.

Thankyou for reading

the Yenner 💻

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  1. Cedric Noronha says:

    Very good post about Christmas. Nicely written. Keep up the good work.


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