Dig deep.

So here we are in the month of October. What a time to be alive eh?… well at least we are here I mean. Over this year who knew that so much torment, issues and overall extremism would take place both outside and possibly inside our homes.

Today’s blog is a personal one and also something that I hope you can take something away from.Some solace if you will.

Throughout this piece I will share some aesthetic autumn feels your way, I feel that pictures have a way of provoking thought,reflection and peace in some ways to people and this is my way of providing that along with some thought provoking opinions…and remember that’s all they are opinions.

I’d like to start by saying that although it’s hard and full of fear out there, my first advice would be STOP! Stop checking in on the news, stop listening to everyone’s opinions, stop talking about it, stop projecting on others if your feeling some type of way about it all. “Well it’s not that easy or simple”….Isn’t it?

If you are a person who has a moral compass, good focal points of intuition and common sense, then yes it is that simple. If you are all these things or at least working on it then take this treacherous time to dig deep.

Everyone wants to fix the world, wants their opinions to matter to others. They need their advice to be taken and constantly want to be the right voice in a herd of millions. I propose something entirely different. Take this time for yourself, work on you it’s time to stop and face your flaws, face your own humanity you’ve surrounded yourself with.

Wouldn’t you rather walk out after all this being a stronger more self known human being than a know it all, bitter person?

If we were to conform to media outlets and how a government wants us to behave then what are we?, we are not individuals, we are not creative or stand alone in any sense of the term.

Now you may be thinking that’s like telling people to go be unsafe and spread the chaos but no because this is a blog for people with common sense and human decency and not for those who are ignorant and un educated. (Offended?…well then that proves my point.)

I recently watched a few things that put it all into perspective for me and who I am and how I can progress even though the world has stood still.

An interview with Whoopi Goldberg, where when asked about how she felt about the top dictating, her reply was a general answer but poignant.

“The key is, making a decision about who you want to be…It is a hard thing to be an individual, but when you are one you are stronger, you are clearer and you are better.” – Whoopi Goldberg .

She went on to explain why it’s hard to be ‘Hubris’ in the business, meaning wanting to do everything but not being allowed to because people don’t think you can or you can’t.

It struck me that it’s exactly the struggle we all face today. We are being fed constant information,confused about what we need to do then get blamed if we don’t. But if we stay true to our own sense of self. What keeps me safe, what keeps me going, regardless of what they think. Then I believe it’s healthier for our minds, it’s healthier on how we live and take care of ourselves and it helps us regain control on creativity and who we are individually.

Governments and politics are only supposed to be their to govern our social climates and overall well being as a society. Not to govern us as individuals, our choices , our thoughts and who we believe ourselves to be.

So here’s a challenge I want you to take and see where it takes you. Take the time you have at home to do things you put off doing.

Create, whether it be music, art , writing or reliving your youth, do it find that core of yourself and work harder than you have ever done. I’ve honestly grown so much from it and have a better sense of who I am as an outcome from doing so.

I’ve learnt I can control myself, I have great judgement of character, good intuition, better knowledge of things I thought I’d forgotten, smarter than I believed I was and stronger than I thought possible.

So take from someone who has been through health issues along with mental health issues, family disruption , judgements and insecurities of my own…it works.

Opening that door that was kept shut or sealed over time by others saying you can’t or your wasting your time. For lack of a better phrase use your ‘F*#$ it!’ wrench and tear down the boards.

You find memories you’ve hidden away, talents you forgot to use and certainty of yourself you thought you’d lost.

I truly believe that whilst something awful is happening in the world and we enter a darker time in history, it can become a chance for change not only for society but for yourself.

We really should learn, educate and for goodness sake teach more!

Media and apps and technology have chipped away the vitality of what could be a more profound generation. So used to getting what we want when we want without repercussions.

We’ll time to wake up… it’s all false. There are consequences, you can’t have everything but you can have a better and more clearer life for yourself. You can have contentment within you.

Digging deeper clears out your fears and doubts and flaws and allows you to express who you are. Your confidence grows and so will your ethics both relationships and careers alike.

Yes there are sacrifices and there are compromises along the way but if your strong in your own convictions it’s easier to make those decisions.

So as the world torches itself with programmed people and ignorance in abundance. While we rotate on the merry-go-round. Stand at the side and observe while you grow. Then once you know who your are and your values, nothing anyone will tell you can influence or offend or hurt you deeper than it could before. If you are in lockdown breath and then switch off for a moment and regain the old or new you. Find what it is you want to achieve and set the ground to work for it.

Thankyou for reading

The Yenner 📰

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