Cover Designs

This is a seperate page in order to proper layout my designs and ideas and for you to have a more personal look on what i can do and create for you. If You would like to Purchase any of the art you can visit ARTgrab

Sweet Spot

Album and Cover art

Custom Content

Over time i have developed a liking for stand-out cover art ranging from eletrifying neon colours to the simplistic block black and white aesthetic.

Cover art should be simplistic in general but also eye grabbing, attracting and drawing the viewer to its focal points of interest. With these pieces ive tried to do exactly that by highlighting its main theme and then adding elements to both support and strengthen its affect on the viewer. most of my custome content of late has been heavily retro and electronically based, However this has a tendancy to change depending on what influences me at the time…, bands i may be listening to or particular nostaglia im looking to express in the art.

Customer Content

Whatever the genre or idea and theme the cusomer needs or decides I make sure to give them exactly what they want. If I have free reign i will take a look at their overall content as an artist or creator , wether it be listening to their songs, diving into their social media. This all brings the pieces of the creation together giving both personal touches and a theme that best identifies their brand,band,song or album. below are a few examples of artists who I have reviewed and also offered artwork for.

neon stride
jungle juice

Custom experiments

Always Challenging

Making sure that I constantly evolve in how I create and formmy ideas both for cover art and for customers is very important to me. Even if there are complications or perhaps an idea doesnt fit my own aesthetic, I will push myself to create the idea depcited by the customer and fulfill it to the best of my ability.

There have been various occasions where this has taken place and it has helped me grow and learn new skills and techiniques also. Here are a few of these experiments and ideas to show my range.

Designing Developments.

In recent Months i have had great opportunity of not only working with various artists for albums but help design and create products for companies based ont heir concepts and ideas.

This meant following their guildlines closely and communication is key to ensuring a happy customer and product whilst still mainatining your own brand. I enjoy collaborating and getting to learn and develop new ideas while making new friends along the way.

here are a few of these blueprint designs for an excercise company.

If you would like to have content created for any reasons either your brand , musical needs or perhaps a company design concept, The yenner will be happy to help just visit our collaborations page and leave your information and I will be happy to connect and create with you.

You can also leave your details and ideas on our social media platforms along with our email contact page.

thankyou for taking the time to see our ventures and i only hope to grow this part of the Yenner platform in the next coming months.

It is still only part of The Yenner element as to helping both bloggers, artists and musicians be able to create , feel and express their inner Yen and im very humbled to know that my content is appreciated and you are valued as a customer and consumer . Thankyou .

The Yenner.

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