Ignorance is bliss

Blissfully unaware- The Yenner

We all know the saying, and it is used often in various circumstances mostly in relaxed , comforting settings but do we really think that being completely ignorant to other people and our surroundings creates a sound mind?

I am a strong believer in actions having consequences and for every action there is a reaction. Now ignorance defies all of these things as it is a by-product of selfishness… ‘here’s the world 🌎 and here’s you 🙃” and anything around that is just a minor inconvenience right?

I’m not going to pretend that I have not been an ignorant person, in fact it’s only recently in the past few years that I’ve changed how I perceive things have grown to know another word that has changed not just my actions towards myself but inwards. That word is empathy.

When you’ve grown up all your life surrounded by people who always think they are right…you in turn start to think and act the same way, now yes his is a form of ignorance because as we all know we are not always right and in fact mostly wrong otherwise we’d be classed as geniuses.

The world in its entirety these days has led to this acceptance of ignorance in the form of ‘self love’.

We hear it all the time from tv to songs and movies and what it has developed is a world we’re people can act, say and do what they want in order to achieve satisfaction with themselves regardless of others struggles or emotions.

This is thee most destructive weapon we as a society have today and it’s not new by any means.

Battles have been lost and countries have been dictated due to the ignorances of an immediate threat or delusions of invincibility by leaders. At present we can see it in our own governments and leaders having no regard to advice by professionals in their fields or ignorance the general public’s views.

Joke cartoon of Trojan horse of Troy – prime example of ignorance losing a battle.

But we know this, however it grows deeper. I’m speaking more of the personal ignorances that we each harbor within us. The day to day opinions we project and the truths we tell ourselves and in turn what we think we see in others. Being ignorant contains all of these faults…

  • The inability to listen to a persons explanations regardless wether it’s truth or not.
  • Unwillingness to have discussions if you know you may not be right.
  • Unable to trust someone’s word
  • Not accepting the way other people deal with situations.
  • Always having the last word
  • Walking away when things get heated
  • Thinking something over before speaking.

These are just the tip of the iceberg but food for thought.

Having been one of these people it becomes your trait, a personality default that people turn to when you disagree on something or loose your temper under pressure. People begin to distrust your word and your actions. So even when you have decided to change and show empathy towards others, they assume that you are either fake or have bad intentions.

the blissful side of ignorance just simply doesn’t exist if you’re aware of it. The hurt caused and pain to others with your opinions, no matter how small have an adverse affect on lives and situations which otherwise may have been ok to begin with.

Here’s a small example…

Say you are unaware of your ignorance and someone has given off the appearance that they are perfectly fine and happy, when you know, based on information that that person should be miserable and stressed with all they should be doing. Well this in turn becomes your mission, regardless of rational thought, to investigate.

It then becomes a confrontation and with that confrontation comes an emotional explosion so strong it affects everybody including you and at the end of it all your opinion is that it’s the other persons fault for how they reacted to what to them was a sniper like intervention.

Well that my friend is blind ignorance. What has happened is you have single handedly not got all the information directly from the people in question even when it wasn’t your concern to begin with and they’re hurt you’re hurt and you’re still none the wiser to how it happened.

Now this may seem specific and that’s because it is …time and time again I have found myself in this situation as the ignorant one and always wondered why I hurt people or became unlikeable

Now on the receiving end it is crystal clear and almost ridiculous how I have never seen it with myself before.

So how do we solve this ignorance with ourselves. It’s very simple…first we must close our ears to people who are outside a situation.ave do

Second we must be prepared to have differences and be aware of then situation , what that person circumstances are and have empathy always. We don’t know what others are going through and if something isn’t going your way then realize it’s not yours to determine. Then if you feel like something is bothering you then speak to the person in question not behind their backs to others, as gossip is also a form of cowardice and ignorance.

Self analysis – The Yenner

I think during this period we should all be growing as better evolved people to one another and not making excuses for our behavior or victimizing ourselves.

And if we truly want to be yen at all times we must fix the things that cause discomfort both to us and others.

Or we can be completely ignorant in our bliss and pretend that none of this applies to us.

As always I’m the Yenner 📠 and thankyou for reading .

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