Progress & No stress (final blog to ‘Becoming 30’ series.

The beginning of

So that’s it ladies and gents, my 20s are finally finished I am now in another decade and yet another phase of my life. But what does this mean?….and where do people find themselves at this point in their lives?

I’ve always been a person who has listened to others complicated lives and problems and have always tried to help with advice and understanding and through the years it has provided some stable friendships and close family ties. With this trait though can hold great burdens sometimes, loneliness for yourself and even though you can shine bright and be the life and soul of a party. The woes and troubles of out hers can weigh heavy.

Leaving my twenties behind it’s true that I wouldn’t change a thing. Yes I have faced a lot of turmoil with family separations, ended relationships and health problems, it’s because of these things I feel I have become a fuller person.

TheYenner -early blog edits (available in gallery)

There is a difference however in the fact that I have learnt the need for balance in my life. Choosing less time fixing others and more time healing my old wounds. Giving less advice and taking my own and finding a husband and appreciating every moment no matter how small.

Reaching this point also means more judgement about where you should be in life and how you should act to some. I don’t particularly care. In fact learning not to care but still love a person is complicated, time consuming but the most valuable piece of advice I can give.

It doesn’t mean you won’t be there if you’re really needed and it also doesn’t mean your all about self either. However it does mean that what they do doesn’t affect you, and that’s important.

Closing your bubble to a more intimate setting has now gave me a contentment which me or any of my relatives and friends thought they’d ever see.

Materials and popularity don’t appeal and you become bored of the competitive nature with others. You become more focused on your health, what makes you grow in it and your mind. Determination and things you lost growing into your teens resurface and help you find a purpose.

TheYenner meets vaporwave

This purpose could be anything, perhaps something you never thought you would even consider. If you told me at age 17 that at age 30 I would have came out as gay, would battle health issues and at the end would find true live with a man and become married. Well …my answer would have been very sharp and unbelieving.

But here I am. I’m uncertain how I got to this point but I do think I hold a strength as a human being I never thought I had and that’s being true to who I am. I’ve learnt my faults, I know my talents and I have a pretty good idea of character when it comes to who I surround myself with.

I still struggle with confidence however and I hope that in the next decade I will completely close the book on that one but I’m willing to change my way of thinking and becoming more assertive and open minded to possibilities.

This blog was going to be about something trivial but I thought hey give a pat on the back I made it to 30 and at one stage I didn’t even think I’d make it to 25. Along with this new found balance I’ve now created this platform, and many others. I have found an outlet of expression that allows me to grow in any which way I choose wether it’s design, music or whatever. And when I talk to people now I have something that is genuinely interesting not only as a conversation but for me to talk about rather than the status quo.

Finding the Yen

I hope that in the years to come people can read my blogs or see my artwork and share their own stories. That this little seed will become a strong tree with many branches for other people who have struggled through their early years and are now ready to bloom along with like minded people.

Latest edits

I look forward with excitement at all the opportunities there could be and will be. is not just something I created but something for others , for those who want to read or write or create and inspire.

Last in becoming 30 series -The Yenner.

In some ways it’s a therapy and in others it’s artistic expression. Remember to get Yen first you have to Feel it. Then Feed it.

Thankyou for reading fellow Yenner

TheYenner 📠

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