What you don’t know…can Infact hurt you.

If you haven’t heard by now there’s a few things happening in the world. Between Pandemics, explosions, protests and government failures across the globe and speedy warming in the atmosphere, we have a lot to absorb and process.

Today I was in deep thought while creating and editing and as my brain slowly slipped into its nowhere place. Phrases from handed down history started to flash in my head and for some reason the title of this blog was one of them.


How many times have you heard this over and over again by people when you express that your worried, hurt or scared.

Their immediate bounce back is… “what you don’t know…won’t hurt you’ or, ‘what you can’t see/hear won’t harm you’ etc.

I then decided to look up this term or idiom to see where or what it derived from.

“Remaining ignorant or uninformed about something will allow someone to not have to worry about, feel responsible for, or get upset by it.”

The free doctionary

Now I don’t know about you but for years this has never registered to me before as a ignorant or misguided persons response. Most times I’ve heard this idiom as a reply is usually in response to them trying to calm you down or relieve stress for your anxieties.

However once I saw this description it occurred to me that throughout history the term has been used entirely in a positive manner. As in…the person saying the phrase is intellectual and that they think by stating this phrase that will help soothe your thoughts or nerves.

Struggling with anxiety myself I am an over thinker and analyze everything I think about and for years due to this passive answer by people I became frustrated. But I do mind and it does matter and because I don’t know something, surely that means I’m naive and therefor subject to harm?

This silly epiphany came as a huge solution to the pandemic itself. We as a society have become subject to a harmful virus that before we didn’t know anything about and for the most part still don’t. Now we could be passive like most governments and put it out of sight and out of mind…it won’t harm us right?

Exactly…of course it will, anything that we are not educated in has the ability to harm us in areas we neglect. It has made me realize that other similar idioms to this nature are actually doing more harm than good and we should really as a nation watch what we say and how we say it.

What we don’t know ‘may’ harm us. Fact.

What’s out of sight or out of mind, may be of harm to us at some point. Or maybe not. Fact.

Yes it’s vague and it lacks impact but so does life for most people. In today’s environment it’s important that what we say is factual and what we show is true. We have managed to screw up at least 3 generations at present me being the first of 3.

Give up!- Theyenner

The 1990s ran us through political correctness and the millennium brought us equality with no explanations for some. Now harsh I know and of course we deserve respect and equal lives however there also needs to be a balance. Where’s the line.

I read today that in Northern Ireland they were going to lower the age of consent to 13…this is just utter madness and again all included in the equal rights standing point.

So if we were to think about this idiom again, ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you.’

Here’s what we need to do.

  • Consider the source
  • Are they ignorant to what is happening in the world
  • Do they care about their own safety
  • Do they care about others
  • Are they a little wreck less in their choices
  • Do they know trauma

Turning 30, as I have spoken about at length in recent blogs (links below) has led me to not only listen to my gut instinct but also not listen to advice. People to be honest, don’t know shit when it comes to how you feel or even want to understand it because in their mind it doesn’t matter and it won’t hurt THEM…and that’s the truth.

But for you what you don’t know or are ignorant to , educate and learn about it. By doing so then you will mind and form opinions and then it will matter when the time comes.

Throughout this year you will face people who are ignorant as hell and stupid as sin, just remember them people will suffer because they are ignorant and sooner or later they will learn this fact.

So there we go…a small thought from my brain today.

I will get back to writing more subjectful blogs but since we are all Yenners here it’s nice to provoke a thought every once in a while.

Until next time

Thanks for reading

The Yenner📠

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