Ignorance is over!

So this blog is slightly off topic…there isn’t a particular theme or subject in mind for this one.

It’s coming straight from my cranium…so brace yourself!

Recently I have returned to work,it’s been a touch few months as I’m sure you’ll know personally. For me it has been battling with the inner demons and overall brain function. It’s only been through my new expression and outlets through here and other media that I finally have a focus and aim on things.

Well I’ve still got some edits to entertain you….I’m not evil

I won’t dwell on the topic too much as I am aware that both my website and social bases are a need for escape to most people and this I understand completely. But I promise that by the end of this one we will have covered something I believe will help a small part of society and hopefully some coping mechanisms when regarding yourself and fellow Yenners out there.

So as I said I have recently returned to work and this is my first confrontation with people and society in months. Yes there’s been drips and drops of people but not to this extent only those I trusted and family in small doses.

However I have noticed since being dropped back into the hemisphere that something odd has happened.

The world has been painted red by anger. Now we know there are very strong reasons for this given our current political climate and awareness. In this instance it’s concerning humankind itself. Most people I have interacted with seem normal and well balanced and then they open their mouths and suddenly hatred spews from within towards their fellow man.

This is very concerning. As I have spent most of my time in doors not only stating my demons in the face and transforming them into something self serving and creative…others have decided to pretend they’re ok and now are in dis array?

I was curious as to why other people angered them so much and the answer is always the same.

“Some people are just ignorant!”

Well duh….I’m i the only person who has been aware of this. It appears that this worldwide pandemic has shone a spotlight on those particular people that just don’t care. We knew they were there. Maybe more important to me is that this has shone a light on how naive people have been before this crisis.

That a high percentage of people actually thought that most people were considerate and thoughtful towards others.

In my head I just imagine that these people have not only locked themselves indoors but also wore cancelling headphones and a blindfold!…how?….just how?

Now you want to be angry at humankind. Ridiculous. It is my theory that with social media, news outlets and mindless celebrities our culture has raised these ‘ignorant’ people decades ago long before a pandemic.


We can’t be shocked at a world that we as people accepted from the onset. There were no protests against our papers and magazines, no campaigns on reality television when it came onto our screens.

It blows my mind how people can be so shocked at how ignorant people are. Only if their lives are endangered does it become a problem. Because those people that you ignored thinking they’re lifestyle choices would never affect you…well now they could potentially.

Of course in Ireland where I am based, it has became much more relaxed and people have became much more ‘normal’ in a sense. I was under the impression however that we would have more compassion towards our fellow neighbors but alas history will repeat.

The one thing I have taken away from this small example is how I have personally grown over lockdown. Finding a way to release my anxieties and create a place for Yen in my life has definitely improved my overall focus and wellbeing.

With my blogs I am researching which is educating me on various things I would never have known before.

My edits are allowing me to flow my senses into digital platforms and express my visions and feelings.

As a result I have now created a growing community of Yenners who are like minded and supportive with expressive art, music, designs and so on…

It has not only allowed me to make sense of what makes me happy but in doing so has allowed me to be lighter towards others. I’m no longer mad or frustrated because it’s a HUGE waste of time. It doesn’t work, it’s not progressive and it does not provide anything other than I’ll health and bad thoughts.

So I guess in a way this blog with its rough start is almost a weird sort of thankyou to those who continue to feel and feed their yen. Those who choose to be productive , create music for those like me and beyond. Art edits and waves to stretch into our imaginations and blogs to expand the knowledge. We as a community are growing ourselves which may seem small and UN beneficial to most but we can’t fix things if we ourselves are broken creatures of habit.

Which sadly most people after this have become.

A vaporwave as a celebration making it this far 👏

So my advice to all those who kept reading until the end (apologies for my rant) you have a chance with your talents and artistic styles and aesthetics to spread out into the ether of the internet and change the narrative.

Create spaces and dreams for people to escape and imagine. This is why I feel chasing that ‘yen’ feeling has become so important because so many people never choose to chase what makes them happy. No matter how small they start it is worth having some happy in this world of ignorance so that we can share bliss ( see what I did there)

So in conclusion ….be a Yenner at heart…Feel it. Feed it. 😎

The Yenner out 👋🏻🎤 (that is a mic drop haha)

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