The ‘Hurricane’ that is Grace Jones!


I sat in my room with complete block. There were so many things I wanted to write about. I drank my coffee and stared out at the world, all the protests, all the confusing elements for a younger generation who’s stomping their foots firmly in the ground saying we are HERE!

I wanted a way to shine a light on all things open and free but who or what would that be? And how would it apply to my website about finding your yearning? Well…Here she is.

Ladies and gentlemen Grace Jones.

Nobody…and I mean nobody can engulf all possible outlets of emotion or creation as this woman right here. Big statement I know but it’s undoubtedly unchallenged.

Not only was she an icon of the 80s decade and the late 70s before with her disco music scene. Her geometric, conceptual art and style paved the way for a new form of sexualization in the world a fluidity that in our current climate is becoming more common.

It was Jean-Paul Goude that would collaborate to form the icon we know today miss Grace Jones.

Her stylish androgynous looks inspired the club scenes along with her ‘reggae’ new wave form of music which entered society into a new world of exploration and freedom. This was an expression not only of her character but one that gay men and those who thought themselves of as ‘different’ would cling to.

This was once a girl from Spanish town, Jamaica who was raised in not only a strict religious household but also an abuse one with her grandfather whom she was left to be raised by.

She quickly grew to move to New York and onwards to Paris starting her modeling career. Being told at the time that they had no use for tall black models in the fashion world to which she strongly stated, “I’ll make you eat those words.”

Tall,Black and not afraid of the man where all things that created such a strong backbone for Grace Jones including her sense of her self and standing firm in her Sexuality, whatever that may be.

Jean-Paul Goude was also created the famous KimKardsahian Paper Photoshoot (see not so groundbreaking now) Old news to Grace.

“She was as queer as a relatively straight person could get.Her image celebrated blackness and subverted gender norms…a woman who was sexy, hyper-feminine, exuding a bold,butch swagger.”

Barry Walters.

What more would you want as a description of your character. This was Walters when speaking about Jones engaging in the Gay clubs with concerts and artistic shows she would entertain.

Her style essentially is what has kept Grace Jones image cemented into culture now and forever. With influences from Andy Warhol whom she held close allegiances with during the 80s, Yves Saint Laurent and Azzedine Alaia. Grace Jones became a Brand. Her image spread across magazines, the music oozing out of the stereos and the films shining her suited silhouettes.

During a time when AIDs started, black and gay people where processing in their masses for equality and human rights,…(sound familiar).

With all these things Happening within a generation, Jones was breaking boundaries left right and centre not only because she was a black female within the industry but her style, personality and views all pushed boundaries both about sexuality and power equality.

“The Ultimate fashion muse.”-Vogue

“I did things for excitement, the dare, the fact that it was new.”

Grace Jones

Let’s list everything that Grace is just to get a piece of what she represents.

  • Model
  • Actor
  • Record producer
  • Singer/songwriter

Along with her career she has attacked people live on television for ignoring her, lives as a nudest for a month. Attended and performed in studio 54, started the fluid gender androgynous stylings along with Jean-Paul Goude. Once had oysters brought to her dressing rooms and insisted she chucks them herself!

She is strong, powerful,knows what she wants, does not care and fulfill her yen with everything creative and true to her while also challenging the worlds restrictions and regulations for ‘normal’.

And that is why she remains unchallenged…yes we’ve had multiple powerful people since the 80s but none that could influence or create a movement in rhythm, clothing and artistry without referencing Grace Jones in some form or another.

To this day she still performs at 72 with her last album, ‘Hurricane’ along with her older records from the wave era. And yes she still performs naked in tribal paint hula hooping while singing, (yes you heard that correctly)

In this year in fact there will be a gallery celebrating her art and fashion in Nottingham, London which will run from Sept until January with all things permitted.

It’s been described as an ‘example of gender,race and cybernetics.’ And that it’s a ‘cross between fan-fiction,study and biography.’

I don’t know about you but I’d love this pandemic to fade away just to visit myself. If you do live close or never even heard of Grace Jones before then first of all, “shame on you!” And second go see it and let me see all the glorious things it has to offer.

No better person is there to exemplify all things that are being talked and debated about today if there is a person that can represent all these qualities it’s Grace Jones. And with that I leave you with some art and a Quote.


“Grace Jones is a question mark followed by an exclamation point.”

‘Ebony’ 1979

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2 Replies to “The ‘Hurricane’ that is Grace Jones!”

  1. PratikshaRajopadhayaya says:

    Loved the way you articulated your thoughts on this and I learnt so much!!! Keep going!!


  2. Nice article. Loved your writing.


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