VHS changed the game.

There was nothing better than being able to take a trip to your local video store and browse endless catalogues of nostalgic glory. There was always a certain atmosphere that gives me the goosebumps now. The hangout pit stop,new releases to grab in a frenzy so you could brag to all your friends that you ‘know how it ends!’

The younger generations won’t understand how satisfying it was to have a movie night where you would spend the first 5 mins rewinding it before you could watch. Or you would get halfway into the film only to realize some idiot before you had recorded over the middle ( oooh the anger).

Watching VHS was an event of sorts,it involved lots of elements in order to enjoy a good grainy, noise filled movie. I remember having to take the machine apart in order to take the ‘Heads’ out to clean them as the machine was almost worn out!

…That might seem like a lot of hassle just for a movie. Well yes these days with everything at the touch of your fingertips anything that is the tiniest bit awkward becomes a huge inconvenience. There’s something about having so many components to one thing that makes it seem special though.


Without VHS we would not even have progressed to any mediums of recording we have today.

It started with a Japanese company in 1976, JVC. it didn’t become available to the larger regions until USA introduced it the following year, August 23rd 1977 and only then it was used for more professional purposes rather than home use.

It was in the 80s that we had Betamax by Sony, it’s run time was slightly less than JVC’s original creation but that didn’t stop it from rising in sales. Soon Hollywood got a hold and it sky rocketed now you could watch all the movies from home!….what?!

Consumers couldn’t get enough so much so stored where then created for the public to be able to rent movies. Now this did create controversy for the movie industry as they no longer could keep track on viewings and selling a cinema ticket became a little harder however for us…This was epic!

Rental industry in 1981 were a massive 95.2% and this wasn’t only due to the fact you could rent ordinary film…you know where this is going.

With the Invention of recording from your own home it allowed people to start basically creating there own box sets of series from television. For those looking at a more personal content for home there we’re home movies made on the daily and the porn industry itself became a larger consumer for the Male adult. It was the in thing for bragging rights almost like a kardashian scenario now to be honest.

Don’t worry it just a video gif 😂

My god brings back memories doesn’t it?

Apart from all the history the shear quality of the VHS creates such nostalgic feelings it’s sewn into that era. Noise, linear audio and the lo-fi all creates a special kind of emotion. No ‘HD’ or ‘4K’ nonsense just pure raw footage.

Unfortunately for those who like to experience this have to either find second hand tapes or buy unused ones on Amazon in order to appreciate a time gone by.

VHS declined in the late 90s with the introduction of DVD and slowly demised from then on. The last film to be created in Video was the movie, ‘The House of the Devil’ (2010) and that was only to fit with the 80s horror genre of the movie.

In July 2016 Funai in Japan ceased production of VHS and was the last known company to do so.

Now the VHS tape is floating the ether with all other ‘retro’ throwbacks of the eras.

It’s good to know we still have people out there who keeps it alive with various different media’s and outlets, I just hope that it’s never forgotten and that next time you want an experience or a nostalgic movie night, go to the attic or basement and grab your old dusty VCR player or for those younger your grandparents or parents VCR and go get some Yen.

Until next time thanks for reading.

The Yenner 📠

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