“A horse with no name.”


What is it about the Desert that has some type of longing whistful place in our souls?

It’s a strange thing, I myself am from a country where they don’t exist. Northern Ireland isn’t exactly wasteland territory although we do have lots of green for as far as the eye can see but it doesn’t give you the same Yen feels that a Desert scene emotes. Why is that?

I came across a blog explaining that the desert represents, “Clarity,revelation and Purity” and that “there are no distractions.”

It can also be a harsh and deadly terrain which shows “barriers,obstacles and challenges.”

In another site it explained that the sand itself represents creativity and that dust is what we have been created from if we were to go by biblical beliefs.

With this, it is totally understandable why so many movies and songs throughout the decades have made reference to this and why iconic scenes have also came from pinnacle moments filmed in the dry lands.

It has always been a place of dreams,visions and reflection.That could be perhaps why it pulls at our guts every time we hear a song filled with earthy wind type lyrics, (America’s-“A horse with no name.”) for example. (Link below)

It’s been played so many times in movies and retro games that it should lose its feeling at some point but no. It’s strong attachment to something so alien to us means we can imagine ourselves walking the plains and allow ourselves to escape to our ‘Yen’ for deserted places.


Looking deeper still after the sand opinion, it occurred to me the whole point of a Mirage exactly correlates to the whole point of my own blog site!

Mirage- “An unrealistic hope or wish that cannot be achieved.”

Oxford dictionary.

When I found the original source of the word it came from the French term, “Se Mirer,” meaning “to be reflected.”

It’s something that is perceived in our hearts for something we long for but may never have or might never exist. Which is the same explanation for the origin of ‘Yen.’

It explains why so much human connection can be rooted in the deserts from Native American belief all the way back to biblical times. It was in the bible that so many important spiritual realizations happened in the desert.

With all these connections and referencing to the desert as a place of spirits,death and epiphanies in life. It’s easy to see why when we see or hear things that provide a sense of nostalgia our ‘Yen’ kicks in even if we haven’t experienced being in that place before.

I have been fortunate to visit the Nevada desert once so far and hopefully again. My suggestion is if you find yourself on a good old american type road trip or maybe live close to the barren lands, just grab your headphones stick on some “America” close your eyes and dream, even if for a moment.

I promise the goosebumps alone will be worth it !

“In the desert you can’t remember your name because their ain’t no one for to give you no pain.”- America 

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